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How to Register your company

Do you want to register a new company on SW Delivery Portal or are you a new User?

If you want to register your company, the first step is to click on the field shown below and click on "Company". Else if you want to sign up as a user and want to learn how, click here.


Fill in the Details

All filled up, the form should look similar to the one below.

If your company is a :

The form should look similar to the one below once its all filled up.


If your company doesn't fall into the above mentioned three categories, choose 'Other' and you will have a new field appear in which you should justify why your company needs access to the SWDelivery Portal.

If there is no valid reason provided, access will not be granted.


All that's left is to read the Sydney Water Privacy Policy, tick the box and click Submit.

What's Next?

Your application is now on its way to our staff who will review your application and get back to you in 3 business days.

You have completed the first phase of the company registration process on SWDelivery. The next steps are:

  1. Once your application is conditionally approved, you will sign up as a "User" on SWDelivery.
  2. Enter company details on SWD. You can get the detailed guide here. You will attach the following files:
    1. Insurances
      1. Worker Compensation
      2. Public Liability
      3. Professional Indemnity
      4. Plant and Equipment
      5. Others (if needed)
    2. Accreditation Certificates
      1. WHS
      2. Quality
      3. Environment
      4. Others (if needed)

Once your documents have been verified, you will receive an email stating your company's successful registration on SWDelivery.


If you are facing issues with any of the above steps, feel free to contact the Sydney Water Delivery Portal Admin team.